Thank you very much for visiting the homepage. I am Noh Sei Youn, CEO of Daeyoung C&E.

While we are climbing a mountain, the mountain peaks might feel infinitely high at first. But as we take each and every step, the peak comes under our feet.

Smoot flatlands, steep climbs, and steep cliffs sometimes give us a hard time and make us breathless to rather just to just sit down and give up. But if we just keep going on with the desire to go up, soon it feels more comfortable and we are on the top after all.
The sense of achievement on the top of the mountain! It would never be felt by someone who has not climbed up to the top.

We, at Daeyoung C&E, will continue to prepare and work right with the mind of new beginners standing at the starting line.

Many call this era as information-oriented society or IT-based society.
Sometimes it feels as if we must do something related to such.
However, what we do in this company is also part of another promising area of environment protection in today's era. So we have confidence and pride.
We believe it is far more important to conduct research and develop environmental products in order to infuse cutting-edge functionality on a continued basis.

Daeyoung C&E

has successfully developed every technology necessary to manufacture and commercialize Comugated type SCR catalyst.

Also, in 2009, the company constructed a new plant with 10,000㎥ annual production capacity in Gang-neung Science Industry Foundation, South Korea, improving domestic and global competitiveness in every aspect of commercial catalyst including price and quality.

The company will continue its utmost efforts to research and develop SCR catalyst products to grow beyond the country by gaining global recognition for its excellent product performance.

Noh Se Yun, CEO of Daeyoung C&E