Desulfurization/dedust business

Desulfurization/dedust (fine dust) related market growth by policy

Technical point

  • 95~99% desulfurization efficiency and 70~90% dedust efficiency
  • Efficiency increases as stay at absorption tower elongates and gas is evenly mixed.
  • Burning gas passes through the vascular device to rapidly cool down, achieving almost perfect absorption reaction.
  • Low liquid gas ratio, presenting 8~15% lower electricity consumption than other similar FGD.
  • Wide application to diversified working conditions, coal types and particle changes
  • Scale does not attach to wall for stable operation and easy maintenance.
Heading Wet scrubber Vascular scrubber
performance Over 95% desulfurization Over 99.5%
Over 90% dedust
space Large Small
Work amount Large Small
Operation Period 120 days 40 days
Input loss 700pa 600pa
680kwh/h 0
Mist particle 35mg/N㎥ 35mg/N㎥ 
Safety Heavy plaster clogging No plaster clogging
Maintenance Frequent maintenance
due to plaster clogging
Little maintenance