Hydrogen Storage

Through hydrogen storage alloy composition, melting technology,
and performance evaluation method,
we can present the optimal container design required by the customer.

The current performance is

a hydrogen filling pressure of 9 bar, hydrogen storage capacity of 70 kg, and hydrogen storage alloy adsorption amount of 0.18 wt%.

Applications include

the operation of hydrogen storage facilities with a hydrogen storage capacity of 100 kg, and it can be used as a storage source for emergency power generation in connection with fuel cells.

Hydrogen storage alloy composition technology.

Development of hydrogen storage alloy BCC lattice structure and composition.

Hydrogen storage alloy (Base).

Arc melting of hydrogen storage alloys.

Design of alloy composition for room temperature of 10 bar by predicting hydrogen absorption/release flat pressure of hydrogen storage alloy using atomic radius factor.

Hydrogen storage alloy melting and heat treatment technology.

  • Manufacture of hydrogen storage alloy by arc melting and heat treatment (150kg).
  • Arc Melting Capacity: 10kg/batch.
  • Composition homogenization by repeated dissolution 3-5 times.

Hydrogen storage alloy evaluation technology.

  • Evaluation of hydrogen storage characteristics according to usable hydrogen amount and hydrogen intake/release pressure by volume method measuring device.
  • Evaluation of crystal structure and homogeneity by analysis such as SEM, XRD, and ICP.

Vessel design technology.

  • Analysis of vessel characteristics such as vessel design, stainless type, thickness, length and welding condition.

Hydrogen adsorption and release.