Fluoropolymer is a very stable compound with a strong bond of the fluorine
and carbon, which outstandingly features chemically inert and heat-resistance,
non-tackiness, electrical insulation stability, and low friction coefficient.

PTFE coating with these characteristics has outstanding heat-resistance,
salt water-resistance, and durability,
which is especially great for outer kitchenware
which requires NON-STICK feature.

General Coating

· Coating Type : Two Coat, Three Coat

· Product Features : PTFEA heated drying paint that combines an inorganic ceramic with PTFE as the main material; applied to aluminum and stainless steels.

Type Form Application
2-Coating system Primer, Top Most commonly applied to the inner surface of kitchenware
3-Coating system Primer, Mid, Top Applied to the luxury goods thanks to more outstanding glossy and physical features than 2-Coating System


· An inorganic oxide, zirconia is added as a ceramic composite material to maintain high strength

· Use of a resin with special synthesis of polymer applied to the primer for improved salt water-resistance

· Enhanced wear resistance: Improved more than 15,000 times in 5N load

· Improved anti-corrosion: Coating to improve the corrosion caused by salt water spray for 72 hours at 10% brine / Maintains existing chemical resistance, heat resistance, and atypia

· Improved 5N load by over 150,000 times for wear-resistance with dimensional pattern texture coated on the inner kitchenware surface

· Improved anti-corrosion durability to prevent the corrosion caused by salt water in 10% salt water spray for over 300 hours

Type Form Application
MEGASTONE Primer, Mid, Dot, Top Excellent salt- and wear-resistance far infrared product expressed with a number of marble-feel colors and patterns added with a series of ceramic materials
MEGASTONE II Primer, Dot, Top A product that further improves the physical properties with a powerful ceramic filler in marble feeling texture