Introducing Daeyoung C&E's
Research Center Innovation Center.

DaeYoung C&E Research Center is

developing various catalysts required in thermal power plants and combined cycle power plants based on organic/inorganic binder technology, catalyst design, catalyst powder manufacturing technology, and catalyst coating technology.
In the research center, oxidation catalysts are also applied to the removal of volatile organic compounds and odors.
Catalyst evaluation, catalyst design, and process technology development efforts, which are mainly carried out in the research center, will contribute to a catalyst that can be applied to various industries, thereby establishing itself as the best catalyst company in name and reality.

Catalyst evaluation system.

  • We operate a catalyst system that evaluates the denitrification and oxidation performance of catalysts by simulating nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides contained in exhaust gas according to site conditions (temperature, moisture, nitrogen oxide intake, sulfur oxide intake). Internal quality inspection and external service tests are carried out in parallel.

Catalyst material design and process technology.

  • Various catalysts are used for denitrification catalysts provided to thermal power plants and combined cycle power plants depending on the flow rate and temperature conditions of the demanding place. Various process technologies are provided according to the arrangement of catalysts and the composition of pollutants.
  • The research center possesses catalyst design technology and process technology according to the needs of customers, and is striving to improve quality through continuous R&D.

Hydrogen Storage.

  • As the atmosphere in the hydrogen market is created, the need for hydrogen storage as well as hydrogen production is emerging.
  • The research center is striving to improve hydrogen storage by developing alloy compositions, alloy melting methods, and vessel design through various metal combinations.