SCR catalyst technology?

SCR catalyst is a key technology to reduce nitrogenous compound accounting for the largest part of air pollutants.

Selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system is a post-combustion process technology capable of reducing nitrogenous compound (NOX) to less than 10%.

NO and NO2 are massively generated in the flue gas of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas being the main culprits of air pollution. They have potent toxicity and cause photochemical reaction in the air, being categorized as one of the major nitrogenous compound pollutants.

The mechanism is to lead way to NOX reaction on catalyst surface. NH3 is injected into flue gas to flow in SCR reactor with catalyst. Then, NOX and NH3 react chemically on catalyst surface to reduce into nitrogen molecule (N2) and vapor molecule (H2O).

Typical SCR System

  • Applicable to large-scale power plants, industrial boilers, process heater and combined cycle gas turbine, etc.

DRC(Daeyoung Rolled & Corrugated Catalyst) / DPC(Daeyoung Plate Catalyst)

  • Catalyst product applying selective catalyst reduction method utilize as ammonia reducer
  • Slab-form catalyst manufactured using selective catalyst reduction method